USNM215029: Holotype of Melanochromis parallelus, female, 76.2 mm SL, Malaŵi: Lake Malaŵi, axelrod, Oct. 1974.Photo by Ad Konings. (29-Jun-2011). determiner Ad Konings




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Melanochromis parallelus Burgess & Axelrod, 1976

Considered a synonym of Melanochromis loriae Johnson, 1975

  • Konings, Ad & Jay R. Stauffer Jr. 2012. "Review of the Lake Malaŵi genus Melanochromis (Teleostei: Cichlidae) with a description of a new species". Zootaxa. v. 3258, pp. 1-27 (crc04218) (abstract)

Original description as Melanochromis parallelus:

  • Burgess, Warren & H. R. Axelrod. 1976. "Studies on the family Cichlidae: 4. Two new species of mbuna (rock-dwelling cichlids) from Lake Malawi". Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine. v. 24 (7); pp. 44-49; 52 (crc00121) (abstract)
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