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Haplochromis rheophilus Poll , 1948

Considered a synonym of Schwetzochromis neodon Poll, 1948

  • Roberts, Tyson R & S. O. Kullander. 1994. "Endemic cichlid fishes of the Fwa River, Zaire: Systematics and ecology". Ichthyological Explorations of Freshwaters. v. 5 (no. 2); pp. 97-154 (crc01554)

Original description as Haplochromis rheophilus:

  • Poll, Max. 1948. "Descriptions de Cichlidae nouveaux recueillis par le Dr. J. Schwetz dans la rivière Fwa (Congo Belge)". Revue de Zoologie et Botanique Africaines. v. 41; n. 1; pp. 91-104 (crc01066)
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