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Why subscribe to the Cichlid Room Companion?

So you get the best and most extensive cichlid information available in the Internet. Our information is provided by many highly qualified cichlid specialists. It is constantly and carefully edited and updated.

We offer 146 full genus and 921 full species profiles with complete information about taxonomy, distribution, biology, aquarium keeping, and conservation. Profiles are accompanied by distribution maps for each species.

The staggering 20949 pictures in our All Cichlids Catalog are individually chosen by their beauty and information value. Most of them were taken in the natural habitat by the finest cichlid photographers and many of them are unique, nowhere else to be found. We have photos of cichlid species you didn’t know even existed! We also provide 271 videos that show cichlid behavior in the wild. These numbers are constantly increasing.

You get the value of many cichlid books when you subscribe to the Cichlid Room Companion, and the information grows and improves every day.

Here I have just summarized what we offer, there is considerably more information that you will get when you become a subscriber of the Cichlid Room Companion.

And above all, we are aquarists ourselves. We love cichlids and want you to fully enjoy them and care for them as we do. We want you to get the best out of your hobby or assist you in your cichlid research. We work hard to improve the site every single day as we have been doing it for the past 22 years!

Support this effort and become a member of the Cichlid Room Companion today!

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慈鲷分类目录 Registers * Guest 订阅者
鱼种的资料 921
  描述 2,688
  同种异名 465
  命名历史 7,106
  种群 4,140
  词源 1,233
  鉴别 1,110
  尺寸 701
  性二型 451
  标本产地 2,246
  分布 1,228
  栖息地国家 3,602
  原栖息地 753
  产地 7,831
  摄食 906
  繁殖 908
  水族行业 900
  保育 30
  意见 35
  照片 20,949
  视频 271
  书目 28,184
国际自然保护联盟(IUCN) 1,096
C.A.R.E.S.列表 168
* 它指的是在慈鲷目录中所注册的所有慈鲷的数目.
  国家 3,602
  原栖息地 753
  环境 44
  保育 30
  意见 35
  种 帮助 7831