Wayne's New World

RSSWayne Leibel's series of classical articles on American Cichlids, for all with a fascination for the amazingly varied cichlid fauna of the Americas. If you are a happy African cichlid enthusiast, beware reading on this section!.

Par Wayne Leibel
Wayne\'s New World

Goin' South part 01: Cichlids of the Americas
Goin' South part 02: The natural environment of South America
Goin' South part 03: Cichlasoma portalegrense
Goin' South part 04: The "true" and "blue" Acaras, Aequidens and Andinoacara
Goin' South part 05: The "smiling" and "mouth-brooding" Acaras
Goin' South part 06: Oddballs, missfits and cousins (more-or-less)
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