Tropheus basics

RSSYou've just bought some Tropheus. Now what? Tropheus are fun fish but can prove frustrating if not cared for correctly. Throughout Tropheus Basics you will find some helpful tips as well as answers to some of the most common Tropheus questions to help get you started on the road to happy Tropheus keeping. The Cichlid Room Companion compiles here all the information on Tropheus found in the home page in an easy to find way, plus more. The beautiful and popular Tropheus basics home page created by Jessica Miller has now been included as part of the Cichlid Room Companion and its documents found here.

Von Teale Miller
Tropheus basics


Distribution map
The genus Tropheus
Tropheus annectens Boulenger, 1900
Tropheus brichardi Nelissen & Thys Van Den Audenaerde, 1975
Tropheus duboisi Marlier, 1959
Tropheus moorii Boulenger, 1898
Tropheus sp. 'Black'


New Tropheus Care
Sexing Your Tropheus
Tank Examples
The European Shrimp Mix Receipe
Treating Bloat
Water chemistry


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