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RSSWelcome to Furu Fanatics. The brightly colored cichlids of the Lake Victoria as well as other East African Lakes adapt well to captive conditions making ideal candidates for our aquariums. Furu Fanatics will provide an informative and photographic reference relevant to these beautiful fish. Enjoy your stay.

By Greg Steeves
Furu Fanatics


What choo callin' me? -- Lake Victoria cichlid nomenclature


Allochromis (Greenwood 1966), a Genus review
Enterochromis (Greenwood & Gee, 1969), a Genus Review
Gaurochromis (Greenwood 1960),a Genus review
Harpagochromis (Pfeffer, 1896), a Genus Review
Neochromis (Boulenger 1906), a Genus Review
Prognathochromis (Greenwood, 1980), a Genus review
Pundamilia (Seehausen & Lippitsch 1998), a Genus Review


Aquarium Husbandry Of The Christmas Fulu, Haplochromis (Xystichromis) phytophagus
Experiences with Ctenochromis sauvagei
The Rare and Unusual
Haplochomis sp Kenya gold
Haplochromis (Paralabidochromis) chilotes (Boulenger,1911)
Harpagochromis sp. "orange rock hunter"
Platytaeniodus sp. "Red Tail Sheller"
Xystichromis phytophagus (Greenwood, 1965)
Yssichromis sp. "blue tipped"


An Interactive Discussion, Unidentified Cichlids in Lake Nawampassa Uganda
Cichlid Conservation in Uganda
How Old is Lake Victoria?
Interview with Les Kaufman - September 2006
The Riddle of Lake Victoria
Pundamilia - What's in a Name?


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