Karel Liem, Harvard U.

To honour those people who have been highly respected and known in ichthyological and hobbyist circles.
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Karel Liem, Harvard U.

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from Paulo Petry:
It is with great sadness that on behalf of MCZ Ichthyology dept.
I inform you that Prof. Karel Liem passed away last night.

Karel Liem is the Henry Bryant Bigelow Professor of Ichthyology at Harvard University and curator of Ichthyology at the Museum of Comparative Zoology.
Karel is a popular lecturer, author, and editor of numerous books, journals, and articles.
He is also the recipient of both the Hoopes Prize for Excellence in Teaching and the Phi Beta Kappa Teaching Award. Professor Liem has studied extensively the relationships between and within species of fish, their adaptations to the different habitats, and the effect they may have on their environments.
He and his wife Hetty have traveled extensively with the HMNH to great acclaim, and Karel lectures on a wide variety of natural history.

He was in a documentary
that sounds like it might be funny,
' A Flock of Dodos '

Pretty sure this fish is named for him:
http://www.aquaticcommunity.com/fish/ce ... lfbeak.php

and this Malawi cichlid (which is not in the hobby):

and this froggy:
http://www.arkive.org/liems-tinker-frog ... lus-liemi/

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