Check this out if you're going to the ACA in Cinci

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Check this out if you're going to the ACA in Cinci

Post by LewC » Mon Jun 29, 2009 8:55 am

My roommate for the event is leaving on Sunday, but I'd like to stay til Monday, so it would be good to have someone with whom to split the cost of the extra night.

Their are many advantages to staying til Monday, including the following:
-It's easier to see the Sunday auction to it's end, being able to pick up some cool fish relatively cheap.
-It eliminates the mad Sunday morning rush that, besides getting fish to the auction (and waiting in line for and during the thorough check-in procedure in which every bag is inspected) you have to pack all your stuff and get the vehicle loaded by the hotel check-out time of noon before you can attend the auction.
-You have a place to chill and to keep stuff during the auction.
-You can get a good night's sleep before the long drive home.

If your ride is leaving on Sunday, maybe I can be convinced to drive you home on Monday.

Reply here, PM me, call 419-681-1628, or email [email protected] . Don't email me through this forum, because the email account I have registered here is in transition.


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