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blackworm help

Post by dbrummitt » Fri Apr 10, 2009 6:39 pm

I know almost everyone seems to be preoccupied at the moment but I need more specific. I can't seem to get on the internet anymore except for the blackberry so I can't research like normal. So here is a list of species I have and am looking for input on who will eat black worms so I know I get enough for everyone to enjoy:
1 4 kinds of peacocks
2 Christmas fulu I think they are out their name means like plant eater I think so they may be out
3 gymno labiatus
4 hippo point salmon
5 Psuedo acei ngara
6 z rocks
7 Zebra oblique
8 chilo euchilles
9 lelupi
10 nicholsi
11 melano labrosis
12 phenochilus
13 red fin caudo
14 tele dhontis
15 lamp brevis
16 ansorgi
17 3 diff julies
18 orthostoma
19 buccochromis
20 syno cats
21 Cory cats
22 Texas cichlids
23 gephy moori
24 nyererei
25 hap purple princess

I left out the for sure plant eaters that I know of. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Dustin B.
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Re: blackworm help

Post by LewC » Fri Apr 10, 2009 11:53 pm

They'll all eat blackworms! Any carnivore, including those which eat insects, crustaceans or mullosks, will benefit from them. They're especially useful for conditioning adults to breed.

You're right for not wanting to feed them to herbivours, including acei.


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Re: blackworm help

Post by trebor69 » Sat Apr 11, 2009 7:56 am

you will have a harder time finding fish that WONT eat BWs than asking which fish will...they almost all will

now...whether or not giving them BWs is good for them is another story....which I am not qualified to answer

with the number of fish you have you could go broke if you tried to feed them ALL BWs. The price Dave is getting
for the club order is a really good price for BWs but even at that price BWs aren't a cheap food. Especially when you
consider the labor involved in keeping them fresh and alive until you feed them all to your fish.

if I were you I'd probably grab at least 1/2# and see how it goes....give them to the fish you'd most like to see spawn.

and I would guess that next month you will probably order a larger quantity.... $$$ permitting

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Re: blackworm help

Post by dbrummitt » Sat Apr 11, 2009 9:54 am

Yeah I plan on using the worms more as a treat than anything. The spawning is not an issue they are all spawning except like 2 or 3 groups and 2 of them can't have blackworms its more of a treat than anything. Just like summer time I fill a 15 half full of water and set it next to the fish room door and cultivate mosquito larvae to feed my fry. They love it and I talk out 2 big net fills a day and the next day there's even more and the fish eat them fast enough to where they don't hatch outside and it keeps the population of mosquitoes down for me some what. Its just another treat for the fish. I think ill go a quarter and see where that takes me I still have to practice keeping them alive even though it seems easy enough. Thanks for the input. Dustin B.
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