Ceramic Breeding Caves & Discus Cones

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Ceramic Breeding Caves & Discus Cones

Post by sccichlids » Wed Nov 17, 2010 8:44 am

Handmade Ceramic Caves and Discus Cones

Visit our website for a large selection of styles and colors

NEW!!Our wheel thrown discus cones start with up to a 5lb piece of stoneware clay. Each has a 5-7 inch base with an egg retaining lip. These are not the thin walled molded discus cones seen elsewhere. Our cones are made heavy with wide bases to prevent adult fish from tipping or moving them around the aquarium. Custom hand thrown discus/angel cones made to your specifications.

We will also have a selection of Ultracolor fish food.

See you at the Ohio Cichlid Extravaganza November 18-21, 2010
Nancy Villars/Hallgring

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