Got Fish! 2016...Pre order...

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Got Fish! 2016...Pre order...

Post by » Thu Nov 10, 2016 4:25 pm

Or pick up or delivery to show Fri/Saturday swap?
Have lots and lots of fish especially cichlids etc. Over 500 tanks & over 33,000 gallons of Fresh water. Stock changes daily! Best to visit when in town or if local?
Best to email me at for questions/orders etc.
Will update as I can..
Nov 2016 Fish list… Changes daily in availability, sizes and prices! Names could be old, new or whatever these days? All subject to change without notice..

African: Malawian
Aul. Sunshine, Lemon jake, Otter point jake, Albino eureka jake, Bicolor, Lawanda, Ngara, Koningsi, Ob, Dragon blood, & ? Many Small/young and some medium to large avail.

Zrocks, Electric Blue ahli, Electric blue II Azueres, Borelyi, Cristyi, Trouts, livingstoni, polystigma, Comps, moori, Taiwan reef and ??

Ps. Greberi
Acei purple
Acei Tanzanian blk
Ps Saulosi
Ps mosbo deeps
Ps Red zebra
Ps. Ob zebra
Ps. Demasoni
Ps. Manda blue dolphin
Ps. Elongatus.
Labido. Yellows
L. Pearlmutt
L. Mbamba
L. Chizmula
Labeo. Fulleborni
Labeo. Trawavasae
& ?

Fronts. F1 Nangu, F2 Kigoma, Burundi,.
Julies. Ornatus (nice) transcriptus pemba marleri regani kipli regani dark
Lamp. Leleuipi Daffodil Gracilis Maruquensis Cygnus Blk calvus Yellow Calvus Gold Head comp Sunset comp Orange comp Kendali Caudopunctatus Helianthus congo
Brevis Occelatus Golds, Blues, Pearls
Tropheus Dubosi maswa


Central American..
Ex Cichlasoma islantum Red 2-3”
“ ‘ 4”+
Amphilo. Cintrinellum 3” & 2"
Crypto. Panamense 1-2”
Herichtys Blue labridens 1-2"
Amphilo Trimaculatus 2” Lrg pair sold
Andinoacara Stalsbergi F1 1"
Parachromis Motaguense red 2-3”
Caquetaia Umbriferum blue 2-3”
Ex Cichloasoma Grommodes 3-4” one pair sold . one pair left.
V. Hetrospilus small out.
V. Coatzocalcos 2”
H. Carpintis true 1-2”
Nandopsis Beani only one 3”
Tetracanthus 1-2"?
Crypto Nanoluteus 1.5" limited
Sajica small 1"
pearsi 2.5”

South American
Angels.. Blk Koi Veil asst. Platinum pearl
Chocolate cichlids
Red terror festae 1-2"
Geos… jurupari red head tapajo Red hump steindachneri Balzani Altifons Winemilleri 1-2" most ..
Oscar LF veil 3” 0ne avail $15.
Apisto cacts ornage flash
Tetras Cardinal, Neon, Blk, Red blue Columbian and more..
Rasbora and ?
Cory cats.. Sterbei Panda Weitzmani (?)
Plecos.. reg bushynose Lf bn reg super red bn red marble
L18 L200 L114 L240 L201 and?

Odd balls
Baby Ornate Bichers
Lrg Blk Wolf fish
Taiwani eels
Electric blue, orange, white crafish
Cherry red shrimp

Plants java moss, fern, anubias crypts

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