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Plecocaves dry goods, food caves etc

Posted: Mon Nov 11, 2013 6:02 pm
by worldwide73
Please pre-order for best selection

Also have:

Petricola Caves $14 each
4" tubes $8 each
4"d caves $10 each

xxl caves approx 6x8x16 $40

Custom things ask!!!

Caves from 1"-under 1.75"

$5 each
6 for $20
10 for $30

From 1.75" to 2.85"
$6 each
4 for $20
10 for $40

Discus cones, $15 each or two for $20

Cichlid huts $4 each
Apisto huts $4 each

Cobalt Food

Also food: Shipped to me in 2lb containers,
Tropical Flakes $27,
Color Flakes $30,
Cichlid Flakes $30,
Pro Breeder Flakes $39,
Sprirulina flakes
Mysis flakes
Spirulina/mysis flakes
Discus hans flakes

Pellets(1/16 diameter sinking)11 oz Special OCA pricing $13 per container

Heaters, pricing to low to list..

100w, 200w and 300w in stock!


We have omega one flake in stock as well as pellets!

Below are $15lb unless otherwise noted

First flake(for babies)
cichlid flake
Super color
Super Kelp ($17lb)

small sinking cichlid pellets
Large sinking cichlid pellets
Small sinking veggie pellets

Shrimp pellets

Veggie rounds ($20lb)


Mircon(dust) $8
Microgran(super small pellets) $10
Catfish Chips, 250ml, $9
Large bottle catfish chips, $16

Vipachips, 250ml $9

Live foods:

Whiteworms, $5
Grindal worms, $8
Redworms $15 for about 50+

Re: Plecocaves dry goods, food caves etc

Posted: Tue Nov 12, 2013 10:49 am
by worldwide73
LACE rock... starting at $2.50lb...

Wont be bringing any unless I have some interest. I have a few pieces 50lbs each

Re: Plecocaves dry goods, food caves etc

Posted: Tue Nov 19, 2013 6:18 pm
by worldwide73
Rock and more wood coming in!!! Get there early! Some really nice pieces.