Distributing Madagascan cichlids

Discussion about cichlids from Madagascar and India
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Tom Williams
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Distributing Madagascan cichlids

Post by Tom Williams » Wed Jul 02, 2008 6:46 am

Does anyone else have a problem with this. I produce a number of Paratilapia and Ptychochrom is each year. I like to pass these on for free to other aquarists through cichlid forums . This is proving more and more difficult. Last week, i broke my cardinal rule and took a batch of 2 inch Paratilapia to a local fish shop, this was purely becuase no one else showed any interest in them. The only other option for them was to stay exceedingly cramped until I could rehome them or use them as feeders (soemthing I could not bring myself to do). How do other people distrbute their fish? At least selling them to the LFS ensures some have gone into the market for people who may become interested in them...

Dan Woodland
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Re: Distributing Madagascan cichlids

Post by Dan Woodland » Wed Jul 02, 2008 8:54 am

Hi Tom,

I'm glad to see others doing the same thing. Several of my friends here often give a way or trade fry. Too bad you are in the UK you would be able to move quite a few here. Good luck and keep up the good work.

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Re: Distributing Madagascan cichlids

Post by dogofwar » Wed Jul 02, 2008 1:00 pm

I tend to give away fish to other hobbysists as well.

I find it more gratifying than being treated like LFS are doing me a favor by giving me a couple bucks each for fish that they'll sell for $15 each (not that they could get them from their distributors anyway). Not all LFS are like this, but its the general mindset (in my area at least).

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Re: Distributing Madagascan cichlids

Post by ciclasoman » Tue Jul 08, 2008 2:24 am

Hi Tom:
I also produce quite a few Paretroplus menarambo and maculatus, along with Ptychochromis grandidieri/oligacanthus and finally P. polleni (unknown species) malorambo?. I a m always interested in other species. Luckily I have an import permit if you can ship to Houston I will buy all your Pty insolitus you may have excess of. i usually send fish around the US via mail and many times drive them to Mexico to friends but in the end I end up giving many away. Regards

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Tom Williams
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Re: Distributing Madagascan cichlids

Post by Tom Williams » Tue Jul 08, 2008 9:20 am

Thanks for the offer although i sadly lost my insolitus due to whitening about 6 months ago (I have one male remaining) Luckily i managed to distribute some in the UK so they may eventually turn up on wholesalers lists.
I am going to try and palce some of this years batch into the BCA auction in October to see if there is any interest there.

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Re: Distributing Madagascan cichlids

Post by PsYcHoTiC_MaDmAn » Tue Jul 08, 2008 5:53 pm

I'd love to keep them, just worried about eventual size.

I like to give a minimum of 6times length and 2 times width of their eventual size. which means a 60by20 footprint for most of the Madagascans, and I dont have many that big (I have 1 5foot, but thats going to be a geophagus tank, and my 6foot is a Malawi tank)

maybe if I get some wider tanks (48by18by15high) they might be suitable. also the worry as to what to stock with them. as getting details of what they eat, water parameters, tank décor isn't the easiest
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Nuchal Man
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Re: Distributing Madagascan cichlids

Post by Nuchal Man » Sun Jul 13, 2008 2:35 pm

Psychotic Madaman. You could try a species of the genus Ptychochromis. They get sort of large, but some are not very aggressive, and do fine in tanks like a 55. I've even kept pairs and spawned them in 40 breeders. Try for fish like Ptychochromis sp. "Northern Red Fin" (I think it is a form of Pty. oligacanthis), or the Ptychochromis grandidieri, formerly Pty. sp. "East Coast Gold".

Around the Greater Chicago Cichlid Association, their are a few people who really like the Madagascan fish, and keep them, but generally not many club members do. One way our club has spread the Madagascan fish is doing box exchanges of fry with other clubs. You send them some fry, they send you some back. It is a good way to get some new fish in the area that you may not have, and also a good way to spread at risk species like the Madagascans to other hobbyists.

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Re: Distributing Madagascan cichlids

Post by sidguppy » Tue Aug 19, 2008 2:54 pm

Hey psycho-Madman

seen you before

i just saw thisa post and since my grandidieri started to swim around with extended papilla and all colored up in breeding pattern I can agree; they're quite mild.

their territory wich they defend is quite small, despite the other fish just being a bunch of catfishes and a shoal of juvenile paretroplus

if they wanted to, they could terrorize the tank. since I removed the frontosa's, they're the largest cichlids in the tank.
but they don't. the entire territory is about 2 square feet or something

I'm quite temped to give them a tank of their own, since what i have to spare is a smooth running 55 with only 2 L144's and a shoal of Bedotia madagascariensis in it........

as for now I leave them to their amusements. but it's tempting as anything.
:lol: :wink:

first I need to ask Thomas where he got these and how many generations siblings are bred together if any. with fish as rare as these I don't want to add inbreds.
I'd better know beforehand if they're good stuff, before attempting to bred any.
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