Paretroplus menarambo primer

Discussion about cichlids from Madagascar and India
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Paretroplus menarambo primer

Post by ciclasoman » Mon Sep 18, 2017 12:32 pm

Much has been written about this species, however, many folks have a multitude of questions regarding the care of this marine looking jewel. The looks are hipnotizing only to be accentuated by its most peculiar behavior. With a body reminiscent of damsel fish, the graceful menarambo occupies a unique niche in the aquarist heart, it's critically endangered, has a specialized diet in the wild and it's terribly slow to grow. Breeding attempts fail regularly because the eager aquarist overlooks the subtle differences that set it appart from other African and Central American cichlids. Lastly, to challenge even the most careful cichlid keeper, menarambos lack innate immunity against ich rendering them sitting ducks with an all-too-common pathogen.
As a general rule, quarenteen procedures should be observed..plenty of swimming space should be available as adults reach a length in excess of 11 inches. The behavior of this species has not been studied in the wild so explanations as to the reason they offer poor parental care in a fish tank are merely conjuncture. They do have exquisite hearing owing to a closely related inner ear and swimming bladder that accentuates underwater sound. In other words, these fish are rather susceptible to sound in aquaria and their stress response may be reflected on the quick removal of eggs nearly as fast as they are laid. The eggs have to be removed for artificial rearing to add another layer of difficulty because the fry will only take live pray- artemia being the most popular choice.
Watching these creatures swim effortlessly under water, gently gliding their powder blue fins should be appreciated by more people.
Millions of years of isolated evolution have left an imprint on the soft curves of these fish, their graceful movements are but a reminder of the fragility of their habitat.

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Re: Paretroplus menarambo primer

Post by a2ana » Mon Sep 18, 2017 2:19 pm

Great info Jose.

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