Paratilapia sp. East Coast Small Spot

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Paratilapia sp. East Coast Small Spot

Post by Fish Guy » Fri Feb 03, 2017 7:05 am

Just a few quick snaps of my East Coast Small Spots. There are five in a 135G, two of which are a breeding pair, well they have bred once so far. I was away working when they had the spawn, so I was able to salvage a two of survivors. Sorry about having to use the hyperlinks, the forum won't let me use the direst image, it mentions something about certain BBcodes.

135G Setup. Beach Sand, Local sunken pond wood, Filteration Fluval FX6. ... cfed9q.jpg

The happy couple. ... wdkxi1.jpg

Fry. I had to separate them as they grew, one was out competing the other too much. ... 8iaaks.jpg ... wvebz8.jpg

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