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The Most Recent Paretroplus menarambo spawning

Posted: Thu May 15, 2014 11:16 am
by Jim Cumming
I have a newly formed pair of menarambo that spawned after a couple of weeks of courting / displaying. This is the largest spawn yet, well upwards of 400 eggs. They have been attended to by the parents for third day, and no sign of them lessening their vigilance. This genus has a reputation for being poor parents (easily distracted, leave the spawn alone, eggs get eaten), but I don't entirely agree with that based upon my experiences with the dambas. This pair in particular has been stellar in its attentiveness and care, in fact as reliable as a pair of typical CA cichlids. Now how am I going to get the eggs out? I have a plan. Still pictures just don't capture the beauty and grace of this species' spawning act so here is a brief video of the event