The next phase in tools

By Alex Calder
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The next phase in tools

Post by Alex Calder » Thu Jan 29, 2009 11:26 am

The next phase in tools/modules for he cichlidbase is much more detailed.
This stems from new users always asking for a cookie cutter. Most reputable sites
refuse to endorse cookie cutter tank setups due to intangibles. We prefer instead to
discuss potential setups in threads. Well what if we had an application that provided
a basic tank setup for a region and outlined how different fish would live in it?
I am speaking of using css to overlay images showing territorial needs, feeding areas
and breeding areas.

The idea here is to be able to give users a tool which will allow them to come up with
a list of potentially compatible fish to discuss in a thread. They can go into the cichlidbase
and find their must have fish. From there they can enter this new module and see what the
requirements of the fish are. We can develop a complicated behind the scenes matrices of
compatible fish based on user experience and these basic requirements.

Take for example Altolamprologus calvus, they are a bit of a crevice feeder/ambush predator
I believe they would benefit from tightly packed slate on end. Then add a Cyprochromis species
that prefers open water but may use the upper reaches of the slate to spawn on. Provided we track
a tank size I believe this can be made into a useful tool given time.

This does not mean actual CB development is suspended, it merely means we are happy with where
it is at for now and would like to expand in other directions. As always I like feedback and do my
best to track bugs and implement solutions. Most recently I updated display of sp., aff. and cf. to
include "" even though this was not required by the ICZN, it does make for a nice readability break
up when a location is listed. I will be adding some generic South American regions later today.

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