Burundi Frontosa Problem

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Burundi Frontosa Problem

Post by Colton » Tue Feb 12, 2008 7:39 pm

I have just noticed that 1 of my frontosa has like a growth where his tail starts its like right at the base of the tail
and its white it doesn't seem to bother him but I want to get it cured before it does anyone know what this could be and how to treat it?
should I do a salt dip on him?

and also on about everyone of my frontosa they have these little brownish colored dots on their head no bigger then a pin dot
some have up to 6 on their head I don't think at all that it is ich is this any type on hole-in-the-head?
I think I have read that Frontosa get these spots? its only around the head area and theres no sign of worms
I'm new to keeping Frontosa and these guys are around 2"-3" they have been growing up with 3 very small Deep Water Haps
and 2 Electric Blue Ahli fry the fronts are bigger then the other 5 fry that are with them,

I have 13-14 Frontosa and the 5 other fry in a 55 gallon and I plan on moving just the frontosa to a 125 gallon

the picture below is the one with the growth at the start of his tail

if any can help please email me

Thank You!


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Re: Burundi Frontosa Problem

Post by PrestonYale » Mon May 17, 2010 3:16 pm

Hey Colton,

Its because you have too many fronts in 1 tank. Move the Fronts to the 125 and it will go away. I have had some experience with that problem, My tank was overstocked. My Fronts had the same thing and I was keeping too many in a 55 gallon as well. Once I moved most of them to a larger tank the fronts in both tanks cleared up in less then a week! That's my experience. Before I moved them, I tried EVERYTHING, nothing worked until I moved them. Weird.

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