Do Brichardi practice crowd/population control?

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Do Brichardi practice crowd/population control?

Post by easywolf31 » Sat Oct 28, 2017 4:29 pm


I have 4 generations of healthy brichardi in a 60g bowfront aquarium 40" long. Temp 77-80, pH 8.3, kh 11, gh also at 11.

They would be in much higher numbers if i hadn't accidently raised 150 leleupi fry in the same tank with Brichardis while removing 2 Leleupi months ago.

It was amazing to see that the brichardi pair actually did not eat any of the Leleupi fry and grew them to 1- 1.5"! Now that the Brichardis are alone the female has not stopped breeding and coming out from caves only to quickly eat. She also seems to have shimmies.

Perhaps the pregnancy makes her always float in her cave or she's laying too many for too long?

I noticed the 3rd gen were 30-35 in the beginning, now 15. Same with the 4th gen, were many more in the last 2 nights. Some get eaten?

I think I've also seen a 2nd gen brichardi trying to go after a fry while another one helps the fry by pushing the attacker.
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Do Brichardi practice crowd/population control?

Post by DigityDog70 » Sun Oct 29, 2017 6:07 pm

They absolutely do keep the populations down and when they out grow a space, it has been my experience that they will self manage the population although I also don’t know how perfect it is. I had N. Brichardi for a while as feeder fish for my Oscars. Healthier than goldfish obviously.

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