Help me rearrange my Cichlid Population in a 140 gallon

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Help me rearrange my Cichlid Population in a 140 gallon

Post by easywolf31 » Fri Mar 31, 2017 11:19 am

Hello, first time poster. This site is great!

I dived in head on into the hobby after a 20 year absense and started to buy all the Cichlids I always wanted to own to add to a 140 Gallon 5'x2'x2' aquarium I bought.

My favorite Cichlids in order were: Texas (Or Green Texas), Jewel, Frontosa, Leleupi, Brichardi (and all other look alikes, Pulchers, etc), & all Julidochromis.

I understand The Texas and the Jewel as not very smart choices but it was something I wanted 2 months ago, so I made sure to buy the smallest little runts in the aquarium and it has turned out both are females. But I understand they need to go, especially the Texas since it's from North America and the Jewel from other parts of Africa.

So anyhow, I ended up with:
8 Kigoma Frontosas, 1 Burundi Frontosa
2 Neolamprologus Leleupi, 1 Neolamp. Brichardi, 1 Neolamp. Daffodil, 1 Neolamp. Olivaceous
1 Juliedochromis Dickfieldi, 1 Julie. Regani, 1 Julie. Transcriptus
1 Malawi Blue Dolphin, 1 Jewel, 1 Green Texas Cichlid
1 Ancistrus Sp. Pleco

What I wanted 2 months ago is different from what I want now. I just want the tank to be peaceful as possible, where if a fish pairs up and spawns some fry may survive and also they will not go around killing everyone, so far it's doing ok, just the Texas and Jewel are sometimes competing for tank boss, but none chase the other fish, not even the smaller Frontosas. The Juliedochromis Dickfieldi is obsessed with chasing the Julie. Regani since it looks alike. The Leleupis fought since they were introduced at diffrent times but both from the same pet shop/aquarium but have since calmed down a bit and the order has even reversed there.

I'm thinking of giving away the female Texas &/or (Max Length: 6-8"), female Jewel (Max Length: 4-5") &/or Male Malawi Blue Dolphin (Max Length: 8-10"). That is about 20" of fish. I'd like to keep a Male Kigoma Frontosa with a few females if possible and give away the other Males and the Burundi. Ideally I'd like to remain with 1 Male and 3 or 4 Females. So that is about 40 other inches of fish gone.

Now here's what's confusing. The 3 Brichardi types I have (Brichardi, Olivaceous & Daffodil) all appear to be Males. I did that on purpose so they don't interbreed or breed and take over the tank. I really like these guys. Very smart fish. I will keep them. The Brichardi and Olivaceous hang out together on one side of the aquarium but the smaller and firstly introduced Daffodil hangs around alone on another side.

The 2 Orange Leleupis I really like. I will want to keep these. Same thing with the Julies. What do you guys think?

Here's a video I made to better see what I mean:

145G G. Mobas, J. Marlieris, J. Marksmithis, Leleupis
140G Blue Dolphins, Kigomas, Y. Labs, J. Dickfieldis, Olivaceous, Daffodil
125G P. Bleekeris, Red & Green Texas
75G Green Terrors
60G Growouts
60G Brichardis
55G Apistos
55G Rams
45G Fry

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