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Yellow Color Variant of Neolamprologus furcifer?

Posted: Mon Aug 24, 2015 10:57 am
by Mark Smith
In Atlas of Aquarium Fish, published in 1985 by Axelrod, there is a photo of Neolamprologus furcifer that appears to have a yellow cast over the body, especially on the caudal fin, back parts of the dorsal and anal fin, and surrounding the eye. This same photo appears in Brichard's 1989 book, Cichlids And All The Other Fishes Of Lake Tanganyika, on page 339. Brichard, on page 347 goes on to say: "But around Cape Chipimbi, on the western side of the Bay of Cameron, a few have been found to have the posterior half of the dorsal, the entire anal and caudal fins, and the caudal peduncle a matte yellow-orange." I remember obtaining a single wild pair, while working with Strever Aquatic Farms in 1986 via a wholesaler in Germany. They had even more yellow than what the Brichard photo depicts.

Anyone out their who may have photos, or know more about, this color variant?