Video tour of my tanks and fish :)

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Video tour of my tanks and fish :)

Post by TheFishGuy » Wed Mar 25, 2009 12:17 pm

People have asked about my tanks and what fish I keep. So I took the camera down stairs to do a little tour of the basement…

I'll be giving a talk this April on the construction of the 1500, it's filtration and super cool heating system so come to the next social meet and ask as many questions as you see fit!

Vid #1 is of some small tanks in the back behind the 240

Vid #2 is more small tanks behind the 185

Vid #3 is the 185

Vid #4 is the 240 (wifes frontosa tank with no frontosa in it at the moment LOL) I'm trapping all the brichardi and yellow labs and will be bringing them to the next meet!

Vid #5 is the 1500 (this should wet your wistle)

Vid #6 is of the mechanicals of the 1500 (filter and heating system)


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