Birger Kamprath to speak about Synodontis

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Birger Kamprath to speak about Synodontis

Post by LewC » Sun Dec 24, 2017 9:12 am

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Birger Kamprath has been keeping fish of one form or another since the age of ten. Fifty years later this childhood hobby persists as strong as ever, and you will find many aquariums in his home. Most are dedicated to the Mochokid catfishes of Africa (which include Synodontis), a fascinating group of species that offer challenges in understanding the care and breeding of this family of fish.

Supplementing his fish keeping, over the past few years Birger has turned amateur writer and photographer, writing catfish-related articles as another expression of his interest in these fascinating creatures. His interest in catfish brought him to the on-line world of PlanetCatfish in the mid 2000's, where he sits as a Moderator and spends many hours conversing and sharing insights. His first nervously accepted speaking engagement was to the 2012 Catfish Study Group Convention in the United Kingdom, but he’s now excited to continue to share knowledge on the fishes of the often mysterious continent of Africa.

You will find Birger living in the Canadian Rockies, self-employed as a log-fitter and timber-framer in the Bow Valley town of Canmore, Alberta. You will also find him practicing and teaching karate as the Head Instructor of a non-profit karate club, where he engages community youth in age-old teachings focused on self-improvement and humility. Many hours have also been spent getting to know the lakes and streams of Western Canada, with both a fishing rod and dip net.

The title of Birger’s talk will be “Synodontis and Close Relatives”.

In February, Matt McGee, from Monash University, in Australia, will visit. The subject of his talk is still to be determined, but his specialty is East African Haplochromines.

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Re: Birger Kamprath to speak about Synodontis

Post by Don Danko » Thu Jan 04, 2018 2:24 pm

As was posted on Facebook, Birger had to cancel for tomorrow night's meeting. As such, I will be giving a talk on Tanganyikan Cichlids, entitled, "The Beauty and Diversity of Lake Tanganyika Cichlids". It will be about a 45 minute talking covering Julidochromis, Lamprologines, and Mouthbrooders. I hope you enjoy it!
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