Photographer/Cichlid Hobbyist Mo Devlin visits in May

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Photographer/Cichlid Hobbyist Mo Devlin visits in May

Post by LewC » Mon Apr 17, 2017 8:08 am

Bio Submitted
Mo Devlin Photo.jpg
Mo “Aquamojo” Devlin has two genuine passions, photography and enjoying his cichlid fish. The two dovetailed nicely and for over thirty years he has shared aquatic photos with the online community. His website,, and Aquamojo Facebook page continue his photo blog, “Today in the Fishroom”. His fish photos have been published in numerous publications, such as Tropical Fish Hobbyist, Amazonas Magazine and also National Geographic. On the internet he is known internationally for his photographic contribution to the hobby.

Mo has been the Publicity Chairman for the American Cichlid Association for over fifteen years and has served several terms on the Board of Trustees, including board president. He was instrumental in guiding the development of an online presence for the club and the revamping of the ACA Website.

“One of the things that continue to drive me forward and be active in the club is when I hear from someone that one of my photographic contributions inspired them to go out and get that fish, or led them to discover more about the species. I believe wholeheartedly that one of our missions isn’t only to just grow the club, but also to reach out and engage the younger generation. They are the future of the hobby and we should do whatever we can to not only educate, but also involve them in keeping the mission statement of the ACA alive.”

Mo will give a presentation on aquarium photography.

Next month, Ken Davis will be visiting from Georgia to talk about the fish of Honduras.

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