December Meeting: Christmas Pot-Luck

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December Meeting: Christmas Pot-Luck

Post by LewC » Sun Nov 27, 2016 10:19 am

‘Tis the season for the OCA Christmas Party…and come hungry!

This meeting is like no other throughout the year. Basically, we’re talking banquet feast! The room will be set up with tables and chairs, plus a buffet laden with food. Roast turkey and ham will be provided by the club, facilitated by Eric and Rhonda Sorensen. Side dishes and desserts are handled “pot-luck” style, so bring something for us to share and for you to brag about.

If you’re wondering how we can do such a thing in our new venue, imagine the room twice the size! We have rented the room next to it for this month’s meeting, and the partition between the rooms will be folded away. We should have plenty of room.

One of the activities will be Fish Room Gift Exchange. Choose an item from your fish room that you no longer need but may be usable for somebody (no more than a $10 or so value), gift wrap it, and bring it with you. Anyone who brings a gift can receive one. It may be just the item you’ve been looking for!

Another thing: This one’s for kids, too! Don’t call Mom or the babysitter…bring them along. There will be plenty of other kids and gifts for them, courtesy of RMS Aquaculture.

This meeting will also feature an unusually generous raffle, plus the usual BAP and Buck-a-Bag Auctions. The Bowl Show will feature the sudden-death show-down between Scott and Jonathan for our 2016 championship!

I’ll be looking for you there!

Next month, our friend Jeremy Basch will be visiting from the Columbus area. Jeremy is an outstanding young aquarist and speaker, and will inform us about Wood Cats. We’ll also hear about the very first successful captive spawning of the Jaguar Cat, which happened in his fishroom.

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