November Guest: Jim Cumming

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November Guest: Jim Cumming

Post by LewC » Mon Oct 31, 2016 11:30 am

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Jim Cumming, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, is a lifelong fish hobbyist, having kept fish for over 50 years. Other than a fifteen year sojourn into the world of killifish (his online moniker is ‘notho 2000’) he presently keeps mostly Central and South American cichlids. He currently devotes about one-quarter of his 40-aquarium fish room to Madagascan cichlids and the Etroplus genus from India. He has given presentations on Madagascan cichlids to several organizations, including the New England Cichlid Association, the Bermuda-Angle and the Dead Fish Order, and in the near future for the Greater Chicago Cichlid Association and the North East Cichlid Council. Jim has also had extensive collecting experience in Mexico, Belize, Cuba, and Brazil.
Jim has an active YouTube channel with around 400 videos at last count, highlighting the fish he keeps, with an emphasis on maintenance and breeding. Jim is also a moderator for several Facebook forums, contributes regularly to other on-line forums as well (CRC, ACA, MFK, and the Winnipeg Fish Forum) and has had articles published in Amazonas and Cichlid News magazines. He looks forward to avidly spreading the word on this magnificent group of fishes.

Jim’s talk is entitled “The Cichlids of Madagascar-A Land in Crisis”. In it, he will discuss the geography, natural history and current ecological state of the island. There will also be information on the cichlids that populate the waterways, as they are in the wild and in his tanks. Environmental threats and conservation efforts will also be discussed. Jim’s photography and videography are as good as you’ll find among aquarium hobbyists.

Next month is our annual Christmas Party, which includes elections for the 2017 board. Please bring a side dish or desert.

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Re: November Guest: Jim Cumming

Post by Jim Cumming » Tue Nov 01, 2016 2:19 pm

Hi everyone in the OCA!! I will have the pleasure of speaking to you this Friday evening in Cleveland, Ohio. The title of my presentation is Madagascan Cichlids - 'A Land in Crisis'. For the last several years I've been working hard to understand and appreciate this unique and enigmatic group of cichlids. They are, for the most part, risking extinction in their native country, making it imperative for me to better inform anyone who cares to listen on their magnificence and the dire straits that they are in. My fish keeping life has been richly rewarded and stimulated by my association with them.
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