Oct 6 Speaker: Ed Burress

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Oct 6 Speaker: Ed Burress

Post by LewC » Tue Oct 04, 2016 3:52 pm

Edward Burress was born and raised in Asheville, NC. In his early teens, he picked up the aquarium bug, and started keeping and breeding South American dwarf cichlids. As his hobby (and tank sizes) expanded, he developed an interest in Geophagines, and eventually pike cichlids. His fascination with these animals led him to his career choice.

After high school, he enrolled at the nearby Lees-McRae College and earned Bachelor of Science degrees in biology and psychology, and then a Master of Science in biology at Appalachian State University.

While a graduate student at ASU, Ed won a Paul V. Loiselle Conservation Fund grant from the American Cichlid Association. This enabled him to make a field expedition to Uruguay to study pike cichlids. While there, he worked with Felipe Cantera, who may be the world’s foremost authority on Uruguayan cichlids. He reported some of his findings in the ACA’s Buntbarsche Bulletin #265, August, 2011. This excellent article, titled “The Tropic Ecology of Subtropical Pike Cichlids”, reveals how various species of pike cichlids share the same geographic area by each developing its own feeding strategy and prey choices.

Ed is currently working toward his PhD at the Auburn University Department of Biological Sciences, in Alabama. The main focus of his study is “the evolutionary ecology of cichlid fishes”.

Along with his academic interest in pike cichlids, at home, he is still a hobbyist. In his fishroom, he keeps many species of cichlids, including Crenicichla zebrina, C. jegui, C. celidochilus, Geophagus taeniopareius, Guianacara dacrya, and Tropheus duboisi. (Pike lovers, be careful not to salivate on your keyboard.)

The title of Ed’s talk is “Body Shape Diversity Among Cichlids”. He will share with us discoveries, stories and photos from experiences with American and African cichlids.

Next month: Veteran hobbyist and incredible fish photographer and videographer Jim Cummings will visit from Canada. His talk is entitled “Cichlids of Madagascar”.

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