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American Cichlid Association Cichlid and Catfish Auction,

Posted: Mon Jun 27, 2016 7:28 am
by phil b
If you are planning on being a seller at the American Cichlid Association 2016 Convention auction on Sunday, July 10th, please make sure you read the auction rules at:

The rules for this auction are different than our normal GCAS auction rules. Here are the key differences:

1) Seller letters will be assigned either in your registration package (if you are registered for the convention) or onsite on Sunday, July 10th. You will not be able to use your regular GCAS seller numbers used in GCAS auctions
2) There will be no color dots as we use in our GCAS auctions
3) Limited to only cichlids and catfish
4) 40 items are allowed of which six may be of the same species or color morph
5) Registration starts at 8a on Sunday
6) And probably most important, the sellers’ auction split is different for sellers registered for the convention (70/30) and for non-registered sellers (50/50)

I have announced all of these changes at our regular club meetings for the last several months, but I know a lot of you sellers do not attend the club meetings, so please make sure you read the auction rules for this auction and don’t assume they are the same as a GCAS auction.