Larry Johnson to speak in June

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Larry Johnson to speak in June

Post by LewC » Tue May 24, 2016 11:08 am

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Profile submitted by Larry Johnson

Larry Johnson was first introduced to Lake Malawi cichlids in the early 70s and has been keeping and breeding them ever since. His fish room has got bigger over the years, as he was consumed by these beautiful fish. “Tropical Fish are a full time job for me”, Larry says. He presently runs almost 100 various size aquariums at home, and has been importing Cichlids from Lake Malawi since 2006 from Stuart M Grant. “Stuart was a dear friend of mine who passed away in October 2007.”

Larry had some of his photos published in both the 4th and 5th editions of Ad Konings’s “Malawi Cichlids in their Natural Habitat”. You can see many of Larry’s beautiful underwater pictures on his website.

In January 2003 Cichlid News Magazine published Larry’s article and pictures on the genus Mylochromis. Larry also discovered the interesting feeding behavior of Sciaenochromis fryeri and photographed for the first time Lethrinops sp.”Mbenji Roundhead” and Otopharynx speciosus at Nkhomo Reef.

Larry also contributes time as a moderator on several forums and is a contributing photographic author to The Cichlid Room Companion and the ACA’s Buntbarsche Bulletin.

In 2009,Larry spent two months in Malawi installing Anti-Netting Devices around the Maleri Islands and conducting a Cichlid Survey in conjunction with the Stuart M Grant Conservation Fund. Here is the latest update of the Stuart M Grant Conservation Fund in action!

During September 2013 Larry assisted Ad Konings (thru the Stuart M Grant Conservation Fund), among others, in placing Ps.saulosi back on Taiwanee Reef. These fish are being produced by Stuart M Grant Ltd which operates the largest Cichlid Export facility on Lake Malawi. In 2014 and 2015, Larry supervised additional releases. Both the Anti-Netting Devices and Ps. saulosi projects were partially funded by your contributions to the OCA's Jim Smith Endowment Fund

In his spare time you can find Larry at local fish clubs doing the “fish thing”. He is currently the Program Chair of the Hamilton & District Aquarium Society.

In October 2016 he will travel to Lake Malawi for the 16th time.

Larry’s talk is entitled "Swimming with Cichlids: Lake Malawi Safari 2015"

There is no meeting in July. In August, well-known Coryadoras expert Mark Soberman will visit from New York.

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