April's guest: Dan Sharifi

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April's guest: Dan Sharifi

Post by LewC » Mon Mar 23, 2015 7:27 am

Two years ago, at the Cichlid Classic in Chicago, I heard Dan Sharifi speak. I enjoyed his talk and was impressed by his knowledge, experience and enthusiasm. Of course, I chatted with him afterward and obtained his contact information. Dan breeds and sell fish from his home and breeding operation in Lithium, Florida, near Tampa. Even though it’s a business, it’s obvious that he remains a hobbyist at heart.

Here, Dan introduces himself to us:

My name is Dan Sharifi and I own Cichlids of the Americas, an internet-based fish provider. I have kept fish for nearly 30 years, focusing primarily on Central American cichlids with several South American cichlids as well. My current facility is over 3,000 square feet indoors, as well as some outdoor pools and ponds used to raise fish. In my facility, there are tens of thousands of fish, with over 80 varieties currently in my breeding program. We are one of a few USDA APHIS certified facilities in the US, and ship fish to literally every continent. In my time keeping fish, I have collected, located, and purveyed fish in countless ways, and hope to share these insights with you. While I cannot say this for a fact, I do believe that I have one of the largest collections of Central American cichlids in captivity, and look forward to sharing my day to day experiences with everyone.

The title of Dan’s talk is “Husbandry and Care of Neo-Tropical Cichlids”.

His website can be found at: http://www.cichlidsoftheamericas.com/index.html

Next month, Dave Schumacher, of Dave’s Rare Aquarium Fish, will talk about “Lake Malawi Mbunas”.

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