Friday: Matt Shauer to speak on breeding Corys

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Friday: Matt Shauer to speak on breeding Corys

Post by LewC » Wed Mar 04, 2015 12:48 pm

Matt Shauer was born and raised in Central Wisconsin. As a child, his family owned a pet shop that specialized in fish and birds, but they got out of the business when he was 8. It wasn’t until 18 years later that Matt got a tank of his own, and that was only because a friend’s roommate had left it when he moved out. This serendipitous event started a whole new way of life for him, as early breeding success necessitated the addition of several more tanks.

Two years later, Matt moved to Northern Illinois. Because he was new to the area, and had not made many new acquaintances, he had plenty of time to spend on his hobby, and he acquired even more new tanks. At this time, the catfish he’d kept had been mostly common Cory and pleco types, but the sight of a Royal Whiptail in an aquarium shop piqued his interest in other types of cats, and be started keeping and breeding multiple species. A trip to the All Aquarium Catfish Convention in 2010, with a few species to sell, netted him many more species and entry into the nationwide catfish network.

Matt currently runs over 100 tanks, housing more than 70 species of catfish, plus some livebearers. He sells fish through his website at . His talk this month is entitled “KISS Corys: Tips for Breeding and Raising Some of the Most Popular Aquarium Catfish”.

Next month, Dan Sharifi, of Cichlids of the Americas, in Florida, discusses the “Care and Husbandry of New World Cichlids”.

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