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November's meeting

Post by LewC » Thu Nov 01, 2012 7:18 am

Sorry this is so late:

Instead of a speaker this month, the OCA will be hosting a semi-annual Swap Meeting. The original purpose of these two events (the other is held in April) was to introduce the membership to the merits of the swap meet concept. While the success of the original purpose is debatable, these events have become popular in their own rite.

While the nominal attraction of the monthly club meeting is the guest speaker, we also suspect that the chance to visit your friends that are also fellow hobbyists, but whom you seldom see any other time, may be just as important. This is born out by the success of past Swap Meetings. The participants obviously enjoyed the extra socializing time, freed up by not having a speaker.

That doesn’t mean that the Swap Meetings are completely unstructured, however. There will still be the Bowl Show, the BAP and Buck-a-Bag Auction, and the Raffle. This is all held together by the hosting expertise of our president.

If you’ve never attended a Swap Meeting before, here’s what to expect: When you walk in, you will not see the usual rows of chairs facing a screen. Instead, tables will be set up around the room. (Plenty of chairs will still be available.) On these tables, members will have bags of fish, plants, dry goods and equipment on display and for sale. Anything that is legal to sell (and unregulated) in the state of Ohio is OK. Attendees can stroll around, look at the offerings and ask questions. Being able to talk to the sellers is a great feature of swap meets in general, because you can find out the needs and history of any fish you’re thinking of buying.

Tables are free to members. If you don’t need a whole table, it’s a good idea to share a table with someone else. That way you can walk around checking on the offerings of other sellers while your table-mate watches your stuff, and vice-versa.

In recent years, I’ve heard some swap meet attendees complain that there’s not enough live fish being offered beside all the dry goods. That means there’s a market there, waiting to be tapped, so bag up a few and bring them along. You might bring home a few bucks, or come home with some different fish!

If a non-member would like to sell, tables are $15. This, not coincidentally, is the cost of membership, so anyone who joins on the spot can get a table. Admission as a buyer is free and open to anyone.

I hope to see you there!


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