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September's Speaker

Posted: Fri Aug 24, 2012 8:24 am
by LewC
Unfortunately, Klaus Steinhaus, our scheduled speaker for this month, won’t be able to make it. Fortunately, our own Kyle May is ready to step up and fill the spot.

Kyle grew up in western Ohio . After college, he came east in pursuit of his college girl friend, whom he eventually married. Kyle currently lives in Stongsville and works for Summit Motorsports.

During college, Kyle was captivated by a friend’s aquarium, and after graduation, bought a tank of his own. He soon discovered cichlids and a hobby became a passion.

Kyle found out about the OCA in 2006 and joined at that year’s Extravaganza, during which he won a 125-gallon tank and stand in the big raffle. Within months he was showing up at OCA Board meetings, offering help when in was needed, and eventually joined Andrew Subotnik as Membership Co-chair.

In October of 2009, Kyle became editor of the Buckeye Bulletin and facilitated the transition to all-electronic publication. He handed the editorship to Jonathan “Jombie” Dietrich at the beginning of this year and took over the Membership Chair by himself.

Kyle will give a presentation called “The Extravaganza Experience”. He has been giving this talk to other area aquarium clubs, and now, because of the cancellation, we’ll be able to hear it.