Mike Hellweg wants to visit your fishroom!

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Mike Hellweg wants to visit your fishroom!

Post by LewC » Mon May 28, 2012 10:55 am

Mike will have some time free time on the afternoon of Friday, 1 June, the day of our meeting. He wants to visit area fishrooms and LFS. If you would like to have him visit, PM Dave Ayres, who is acting as his host that day.

Obviously, their time is limited, and if there is a lot of interest, they might not have time to get to the fishroom of everyone who invites them. Proximity to the Middleburgh area, where Mike's motel and the meeting are, will also be a factor.

If you are interested, PM Dave (he uses his real name on this forum) by Wednesday. Give him your address, and maybe other contact info, when you do and he'll get back to you either way.


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