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Program Preview, March 2012

Post by LewC » Wed Feb 22, 2012 5:06 pm

One of the percs of the Program Chairmanship is that I can host a speaker and visit a friend at the same time! That’s the way it is this month.

Kevin Bauman was born and raised in Quakertown, in eastern Pennsylvania. After college, he went to work for Paul J. Ford and Company Structural Engineers, in Columbus, Ohio. He is now President of that 64 person firm. Kevin has 3 children and a grandchild, with more on the way.

I’ll let Kevin tell you the rest:

In 1976, I graduated from Penn State, got married and moved to an apartment in Columbus. My 12 year old brother in law was tired of keeping up his aquariums and asked if I wanted his old Metaframe (metal frame & slate bottom) 20 gallon and 10 gallon tanks. It wasn’t long before I was running to every fish store in Columbus to see what was available. When one of the local pet stores went out of business, I purchased three 30 gallon tanks and my hobby was on its way to becoming an obsession. But I know myself well enough that a huge fishroom would eventually lead to burnout, so I’ve always limited myself to 20 aquariums. Of course, there are times when I have to convince my wife that 10 gallon fry tanks are really too small and temporary to be count toward the maximum 20 tanks.

I’ve kept African cichlids almost exclusively over the years. In the early 1990s I started keeping a few Victorian cichlids but knew very little about them. I purchased a $10 web site creation program out of the bargain bin and used the 5K of free web space Roadrunner gave everyone. I had access to one of the very early digital cameras at work and posted pictures for people to help me with identification. The internet allowed me to network with other Victorian cichlid enthusiasts and gradually most of my mbuna were replaced with Victorians. I upgraded my digital camera several times as photography became almost as strong an obsession as fishkeeping. I created to share my photos and to generate interest in Victorian cichlids.

For several years there just wasn’t much new for the Victorian cichlid hobbyist to get excited about. Then maybe 5 years ago, Laif DeMason imported a small group of wild caught Victorians. A couple years ago Lawrence Kent brought some wild caught cichlids from one of his trips to Uganda. Greg Steeves was successful in obtaining a few species from France and last year a group of hobbyists from California were able to import a large number of Victorians from Germany. I plan to talk about some of these species that are new to the US hobby as well as some of the name confusion and identification difficulties inherent with keeping Victorian cichlids.

Kevin may look familiar to you when you see him, as he’s been known to show up at an occasional OCA event, including this past Extravaganza.

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Re: Program Preview, March 2012

Post by Don Danko » Sat Feb 25, 2012 7:28 pm

Thanks for posting the bio, Lew. Looks like it'll be a nice talk on an infrequently covered topic!
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