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Preview of September Program

Post by LewC » Fri Aug 19, 2011 1:05 pm

Doug Sweet is one of those lucky people who was able to make a career out of his hobby. As a child, Doug’s involvement started with a fish bowl, and eventually developed into maintaining an array of tanks in his parents’ basement. As a young man, he attended Michigan State University and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in zoology. Doug then went on to graduate school at the same institution, where he worked on developing diets for larval walleyes and whitefish, as well as triploid induction in various aquacultured fish species. (Triploids have 3 pairs of chromosomes in each cell, instead of the normal 2. Because they’re sterile, triploid fish can be stocked in waterways without fear of them overpopulating.) This earned him a Master of Science degree in aquaculture.

For 19 years, Doug was the Curator of Fishes at the Belle Isle Aquarium in Detroit. One of his responsibilities was to organize the captive breeding of endangered fish species, mainly Victorian Cichlids and some North American desert fishes. Another project was the study, conservation and propagation of North American freshwater mussels.

Upon the closure of Belle Isle, he went to work for the Ohio Division of Wildlife as the Superintendent of the London State Fish Hatchery in Madison County, just west of Columbus This facility produces several species of game fish intended for Ohio public waters.

As a hobbyist, Doug enjoys Bettas and fancy goldfish. His special long-range project is to breed Kuhli loaches!

Doug’s presentation is entitled “Optimal Feeding Strategies, A Primer on Proper Fish Nutrition”.

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