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This Month's Program

Posted: Thu Aug 04, 2011 1:47 pm
by LewC
I just realized that I neglected to do this a couple weeks ago, as I had intended. Despite the late date, I'm posting it now in case you haven't read the Buckeye Bulletin yet, and you're curious about Friday's program.

Sam Borstein has been around Cichlids his entire 19 years. His father, Rick (our speaker this past January), is a serious Cichlid hobbyist, as you know if you attended our January meeting, at which he spoke. Sam, however, is taking things a giant step farther: He is currently finishing up his Junior year at California State University, Sacramento, where he does research on Cichlid reproduction and evolution in the lab of Dr. Ron Coleman. He works primarily with Central American Cichlids and has done field work at Rio Puerto Viejo in Costa Rica with Dr. Coleman.

As a hobbyist, Sam keeps and breeds Cichlids (and other fish) from all over the world, but New World Cichlids are his main focus. He is already a Master Breeder in the Greater Chicago Cichlid Association. Like his dad, Sam is active in the organized hobby. Besides the GCCA, he belongs to the ACA, Pacific Coast Cichlid Association, the Chicago Livebearer Society and the Sacramento Aquarium Society. In addition, he is the Secretary of the Federation of American Aquarium Societies.

Sam also has an active on-line presence. His website,, includes profiles of many of the Cichlids he has worked with, both Old World and Neo-tropical, in which he describes his personal experiences with the species. His blog,, is relatively new, with the first entries made in the final days of last year. He has been posting new entries regularly since then, covering his field experiences, conventions and other trips, research, fish room and just about anything Cichlid related that pops into his imagination.

Sam’s talk is entitled “All About Archocentrus”. I think we can look forward to lots of up-to-date information about these small to mid-sized Central American Cichlid genera, along with some fresh perspectives on our beloved hobby.

Sam will also fill us in on the research he's been doing with Ron Coleman.

Re: This Month's Program

Posted: Tue Aug 09, 2011 12:23 pm
by Nuchal Man
Just want to say thanks for having me in to talk. Had a great time and hopefully brought some new fish into the club for you guys.


Re: This Month's Program

Posted: Tue Aug 09, 2011 2:10 pm
by LewC
I was wondering who "Nuchal Man" was!! :lol:

I'm glad you enjoyed your visit, because we sure did. Hope to see you soon.