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Preview of June Program

Post by LewC » Fri May 20, 2011 7:30 am

This month's speaker will be Chuck Davis, a stalwart of the aquarium hobby. He has attended the Extravaganza at least once, during which he participated as a judge in the show.

Chuck's long involvement in the tropical fish hobby began almost 60 years ago, by accident. As a child, he was keeping several lizards in an empty aquarium. When, eventually, they all died or escaped, he decided to fill it with water.

Over time, Chuck became a fixture of the aquarium hobby. Professionally, over the years, he has owned two retail aquarium shops and an import/export tropical fish business. Chuck has also been extremely active in the organized hobby, serving as editor of the North Jersey Aquarium Society Reporter for 25 years. He has done four stints on the ACA board and chaired two ACA conventions. For 14 years, Chuck wrote the “Society News” column for Aquarium Fish Magazine, now called Aquarium Fish International. He is currently active with the Gold Coast Aquarium Society of South Florida and heads up their big project for next year, the hosting of the American Livebearer Association convention.

In his own tanks, Chuck focuses on catfish and New World Cichlids.

Chuck’s presentation is entitled “Catfish: The Non-Scientific Method”, which he describes as “a basic discussion on how all types of catfish do their business, looking at them from a completely different perspective.”

Chuck has the reputation of being one of the hobby’s great raconteurs, so the evening should be a particularly enjoyable one for the OCA.

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