Beware of Colorful Hybrid

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Re: Beware of Colorful Hybrid

Post by stanno55 » Wed Jul 25, 2018 12:45 pm

The fish is not a hybrid but a random mutation that was produced in captivity. As are many of the fish floating around in the cichlid community.

I have bred them just because I was curious and found a simple explanation for the pattern. It is an incomplete dominant pattern gene which when bred together yields the following results:

Based on a number of batches this is what you get for fry on average

25% are perfectly striped frontosa look completely normal pattern no misaligned bars
50% are the black widow blotched barred fish (one copy of this gene)
25% are what I believe are the super from meaning they have received 2 copies of the black widow pattern gene

These super widows as I call them are essentially patternless blueish gray with some metallic blue color and a black mask.

I am not defending anyone or promoting anything I have an interest in genetics and inheritance of traits so I bought some from the Czech republic as one inch fry raised them up just for something to do and bred them.

Not trying to start anything as things seems to get quite heated when it comes to these guys just thought it might be an interesting tidbit

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Re: Beware of Colorful Hybrid

Post by sheryl.ilene » Tue Oct 02, 2018 1:09 pm a new cichlid hobbiest. Can you refer me to a thread for a new beginner. I have a 39gal tall tank with 5 cichlids, 1 tiger cat 1 placo. I'm trying to read up on their aggression etc It looks like they are developing a pecking order.

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