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Post by Stayathomecichlidmom » Sun Dec 23, 2018 12:39 pm

This is my first post and I hope that it is okay. I witnessed this morning something that I thought maybe I was seeing things. My adult male Livingstonii has had an ulcer that I've been treating for over a month. No one in this particular aquarium has been effected, needless to say he was at one end of the aquarium doing a stationary motion I've never seen before and allowing 2 of my small juvenile copadichromis peck ever so slightly at his ulcer. I knew he wasn't ambush hunting. Due to the his movements, so I of course had to Google to see if maybe this behaviour was some sort of cleaning. I really did not think anything would come up but low and behold Mr Barlow's Book was the first search result and all I can think is, it would've been an absolute honor to be able to somehow write him and tell him of my observation in my home aquarium.

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