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Cichlid Timeout

Posted: Thu Sep 28, 2017 7:23 pm
by kmile91
Hey Everyone,

New to the forum. Grew up with my dad having multiple cichlid tanks and I now have a 50gallon of my own. Currently have a female yellow lab, three smaller peacocks, a large acei, small acei, and plecos. Trying to keep the tank as "peaceful" as possible. Looking to add some more female labs and female aceis, as well as some rustys in the near future.

Recently my acei has begun acting very aggressive toward my smaller acei. I believe both are males. The larger of the two is a little longer than four inches, and the smaller of the two probably about three. I just added two smaller peacocks into the tank (under an inch) and the bigger acei has been chasing the smaller acei constantly for a few hours. I decided to put the larger acei in a mesh breeder for timeout. Mesh breeder is about 6x5x3". I'm wondering how long is okay to leave the acei in this breeder? I'm not really sure the effects of having him in somewhat of a confined space.

Thanks in advance.