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Advice with breeding Blue Dolphins Moorii with Frontosas

Posted: Thu Apr 06, 2017 2:26 pm
by easywolf31

Can someone give me advice. I currently have a 140 gallon with one nice Blue Dolphin male 3" long that is stuck with Tanganyikan Cichlids. Today I am going to buy a 3" female. I am also planning to buy a 180 gallon aquarium sometime this month. Here are some questions:

1) How many males or females would be a good ratio? I was thinking 1 Male : 3-4 Females?
2) I also have 8 Kigoma Frontosas 1-2" in the 140 gallon with another 12 fish. My ideal situation would be to put the Frontosas with the Dolphins. Would it be possible to both breed the Frontosas and Blue Dolphins in the same 180 gallon aquarium. Once I figure out which ones are males I would give them away and keep 1 Male and 3-4 females.

In the end I would have about 8-10 Blue Dolphins and Frontosas in the 180 Gallon. I would bring the Ph to a constant 8-8.4, Temp 77-80F, Gh 10-18, Kh 6-12. I would also add nice piles of slate and limestone and make caves where only the fry and small ones can go through.

Is this a good idea? Can someone give me some advice?


8 Kigoma Frontosas, 1 Burundi Frontosa
2 Leleupi, 1 Brichardi, 1 Daffodil, 1 Olivaceous
1 Dickfieldi, 1 Regani, 1 Transcriptus
1 Blue Dolphin, 1 Jewel, 1 Green Texas Cichlid
1 Ancistrus Sp. Pleco
Fluval 1500 140 Gallon Aquarium
Empty 60 Gallon Aquarium