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Eartheaters in hard, alkaline water

Posted: Sun Dec 19, 2004 2:43 pm
by Vincent Fu
Has anyone had success breeding eartheaters in hard, alkaline water? I want to avoid the trouble of a reverse osmosis setup, but I'd still like to try keeping and breeding eartheaters. I've heard that a local guy has been breeding Geophagus altifrons, but they're from the relatively soft, acidic waters of the Amazon river basin. Has anyone given this a try?

Posted: Mon Dec 20, 2004 2:23 am
by Eelke
I have a group of Geo. Tapajos II of which a pair spawned in the tank at the importers. This is a tank with (hard)tap water with ph 7.5. I am not sure which geos will breed in hard alkaline water, but I believe I read a post by Lee Newman on this subject somewhere.

Posted: Mon Dec 20, 2004 2:27 am
by Eelke

Posted: Tue Dec 21, 2004 5:26 pm
by coelacanth
Steindachneri are adaptable, and may even prefer water that is closer to neutral or slightly alkaline. I doubt that the brasiliensis group are at all fussy, and some Gymnogeophagus can be found in water that is far from soft and acid.
I'd avoid any of the Satanopercas, especially the spotted ones.

Posted: Thu Dec 23, 2004 3:07 am
by Vincent Fu
Many thanks for the replies. I passed through Las Vegas and saw a store selling several species including some labeled as S. daemon (really striking, by the way), S. jurupari, and G. surinamensis. I think I will track down a copy of the Weidner book, do a little more research, and then figure out what to do.

Posted: Thu Dec 23, 2004 9:22 pm
by nandus_nandus
I've spawned G. steindachneri and Gymnogeophagus labiatus in Chicago tap water (quite hard water).

Posted: Tue Dec 28, 2004 3:09 pm
by mzapater
I have Gymno. meridionalis since last year in hard alkaline water (7,8 pH; 20 GH), spawning and growing very well.

Hope it helps.

Best wishes for the new year,


Posted: Tue Dec 27, 2005 8:45 pm
by joefish
I keep orange head Tapajos and they spawn like rats in very hard water.. PH is around 8.0 and i dont use anything but prime

one of the last batches..


both male and female holding.