Satanoperca identification

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Satanoperca identification

Post by Jlough420 » Thu Apr 27, 2017 1:14 am

Hello, new here. I got a group of 7 seven Satanopercas and im at this point positive to have atleast 2 different species. All sold to me as "jurupari" but im almost certain only the original is actually Jurupari. I bought it as a future idea to have a big group but ended up working out of town and no others became available until months later. When I came home I bought a 75 gallon, 48x18, with fine sand and many plants. Then acquired my second "Jurupari" which I believe to be leucostica. The first one was 3 inches at this time, the new one 4 inches. Then I promptly bought my next 5 fish which are all from the same batch, at 1.5-2 inches. Now i have a 5 incher, 4 incher, and 5 3-3.5 inchers and I would like some help because I can't figure it out and I know someone here can help me out. Thank you to anyone that can give me some info and help.
Sorry for sideways pictures and bad grammar, im using my phone as my only means of internet
One of 5 most recent
One of 5 most recent
One of 5 most recent
My big guy, i think Leucostica
Original I believe to be Jurupari

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Re: Satanoperca identification

Post by illbethejudge » Mon Oct 01, 2018 7:22 am

i believe those are jurupari

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