Spine colors in Guianacara

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Spine colors in Guianacara

Post by neil.frank » Tue Jan 24, 2017 7:11 am

I tried to start a conversation about the anterior spine colors in my juvenile Guianacara. The first 2 spines are black and the 3rd and part of the 4th are white-pink. Pat Chefalo pointed out the close affinity of Guianacara to Acarichthys.

In 1984 FAMA, Leibel wrote: "The first 2-3 spines of A. heckelii are black particularly in juveniles... The 'flag-like marking' of the spiny dorsal .... bright WHITE-PINK SPLASH OF COLOR ...is highly visible and may function as a semaphore that promotes schooling in these very gregarious, highly social juveniles." http://www.cichlidae.com/article.php?id=59

Moving my juvenile Guianacara to a 120gal aquarium with dark substrate allowed me to notice the prominent white-pink spines of my schooling Guianacara.

I acquired this fish in 2005 as "Rio Caroni," which are called G. sterigiosi.

LOPEZ-FERNANDEZ (2006) and Arbour (2011) characterize sterigiosi and 3 other Guinacara species as having THREEE black spines in juvies and adults. My fish only have TWO black spines.

Is there anything in the literature regarding white-pink spines in Guinacara and does this affect the ID of my fish?

I apologize for the crappy pictures.
Thanks, Neil
P8151713 (3).jpg
Guinacara sterigiosi? (breeding male)
Guinacara sterigiosi? (5 month old juveniles)

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