Help with an OLD Parachromis managuensis

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Help with an OLD Parachromis managuensis

Post by ichorid55 » Wed Sep 20, 2017 12:55 pm

Hello - this is my first post.

I have what I think to be a 10+ year old Jaguar cichlid. I don't know the age exactly, but it belongs to my younger brother and I and as we are no longer at home, it has been allowed to overgrow its (shameful) 29 gallon. He killed many other fish to achieve his sole place in the tank over the years. Obviously, the fish is still alive and with frequent water changes seems very healthy despite one or two swim bladder issues. The fish is over a foot long by estimation, and reminds me of a north american small mouth bass when we need to remove him from the tank - he's a very aggressive and comical fish and we do enjoy him very much. I have begun researching and reading about biotopes and central american cichlids hoping to get back into the fish keeping hobby.

This being said - I have a 75 gallon that I am beginning to prepare for him. He's made it this long, so I'd like to let him finish his years in a bigger enclosure. I'm thinking simple sand, maybe some tannins, one or two large rocks and a branch. I would love to plant the tank but I know better... Is there any other tips/tricks to allow this fish to be happier? What is the best representation of his natural environment? Is a Biotope possible with this large of a fish? Would it prefer gravel? In my experience, he moves it around too regularly causing 99% of the water quality issues by trapping waste in between gravel.

I'm lining up a SunSun 304, I know there is debate around filtration but is this flow rate sufficient? Is it necessary for the canister to be far below water level? I have read mixed opinions on this.

Lighting: Do I omit lighting? I have observed him become extremely agitated during bright lighting and rarely use it any more, in a bigger tank is this an issue? Is the use of tannins acceptable adequate for his needs?


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Re: Help with an OLD Parachromis managuensis

Post by Juan Artigas » Sun Sep 24, 2017 12:27 pm

I recommend the reading of this article:
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