Help with Herichthys carpintis (Green Texas Cichlid) Aquascape

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Help with Herichthys carpintis (Green Texas Cichlid) Aquascape

Post by easywolf31 » Fri Apr 28, 2017 9:34 pm

Hey all, I love Texas cichlids, both regular (cyanoguttatus), Greens & now I see Reds. Probably my favorite fish along with Jewel Cichlids. I've had a nice Green Texas female for 3 months now mixed with Tanganyikan Cichlids mostly...I need to get her outta there. I want to create a 60-75 gallon 48"x18" aquarium landscape for her alone....and drum rolls...this crazy son of a gun small male Red Texas Cichlid I saw at the store. It definitely looked more like a Green Texas than a Flowerhorn or any other fish... Except it had a red tail marking.

Is the Green Texas becoming an endagered species btw? Or are they spreading? I would have liked to find some regular old school Texas's but can't find them in my area any longer...

Anyhow...what would make the perfect landscape for them? I feel like just duplicating my current Bloor Red Forest Jewel aquarium. But with a current and river type pebbles as gravel.

How does this sound?

Landscape: Natural looking round and oval river & creek pebbles and larger rocks. Some bogwood-driftwood, planted. Plants not sure...Maybe a cave or 2.

PH: 7-7.6?
KH: 5-6
GH 8-12
Food: You name it, I have it, omnivore type, half half..
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Re: Help with Herichthys carpintis (Green Texas Cichlid) Aquascape

Post by Bas Pels » Sat Apr 29, 2017 1:19 am

Personally, I would not concentrate on a natural look (basically a sand floor with a few rocks half buried in it) but on a decoration wich is as functional as possible

start with large boulders - which are at least one third of your tank height long and build with these constructions reaching at least 70 % of the height of your tank. This should provide enough shelter between the rocks. Place them so, that it is possible to hide behind them, so a dominant fish, which will be near the sand, will not see any submissive fishes. In a large tank you can pre-form several terretories this way.

Such a decoration will never be seen in nature, but it is the best for keeping Central or North american cichlids

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