Paraneetroplus breidohri - 'a tense outing'

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Paraneetroplus breidohri - 'a tense outing'

Post by Jim Cumming » Tue Apr 14, 2015 1:56 pm

This pair of P. breidohri 'Presa d'Angostura' are 'on high alert' because their 200 young are venturing out of their safe area into the open. In this 165G tank are eight more adult breidohri including another pair with young, four Geophagus brasiliensis 'Red Bahia', six Astatheros robertsoni 'Jutiapa', and a Rio Subin meeki, all waiting for the pair to let up on their defenses, just for a moment. In fact, the female has been gathering the young up and quickly returning them to the 'safe haven'. But it's a losing battle trying to herd these adventurous offspring. This species has exhibited some of the best parenting I have ever seen in all my years of breeding fish. Despite this, the others are sensing 'a free meal'. In fact, you can see in the video, one attempting to snap up a few fry, but is blocked by the male. Just after this video ends, a nonbreeding female breidohri successfully gets by the pair and manages to eat several young before being chased off.
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