Paraneetroplus breidohri: "Home, Sweet Home"

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Paraneetroplus breidohri: "Home, Sweet Home"

Post by Jim Cumming » Tue May 13, 2014 3:13 pm

Every pair of cichlids seems to have its favorite spawning site. My original pair of breidohri spawned so many times, I lost count, but the constant in it all was they used the same rock. I've observed this with most other cichlids as well. In some cases it is readily explainable. For example, it may be in an especially secure location, easy to defend. In other cases, such as with my Astatheros altifrons, they always pick the same flat piece of slate, because they choose to cover their eggs with sand for an extra measure of protection while guarding them, and the horizontal, flat surface is optimal. Besides, it's the only such surface in there, the rest being rounded, higher river rocks. This pair, both offspring of my original pair, have continued the family tradition, using the same rock on which they were laid. Nothing like home, sweet home :-D .
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