A Central American 'Splash of Colour'

Discussion about cichlids from Central America
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Jim Cumming
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A Central American 'Splash of Colour'

Post by Jim Cumming » Sat Aug 10, 2013 9:35 pm

There are some very striking species in my 165G CA cichlid tank. As usually happens after a water change, they color up even more and I'm "forced" to take some pics. Here are a few examples of why I keep CA cichlids.
A. robertsoni 'Jutiapa' female
H. nicaraguensis female
A. robertsoni 'Jutiapa' male
P. breidohri female
P. breidohri juvenile 2.5"
A. robertsoni 'Jutiapa' female, P. regani
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Rico Morgenstern
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Re: A Central American 'Splash of Colour'

Post by Rico Morgenstern » Sun Aug 11, 2013 12:45 am

Thanks for sharing, really beautiful!

I like those Honduran robertsoni, and I am happy that they are treated here under their (currently) proper name. There are some considerable differences between them and A. robertsoni from Belize, Mexico and Guatemala, so they may turn out to be a species of its own. However, it is not known yet whether they are sharply separated geographically (and if so, where) or not. Some people believed that this is actually the mysterious A. margaritifer, but that view is not tenable.

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